Is Yoga For You?

Is Yoga For You?

Have you been wondering if yoga is for you? It can be intimidating, but the benefits are endless. Read through this article to see if yoga is for you! Spoiler alert - it is.


Have you delt with an injury in the past?


If you’ve had an injury in the past, yoga can be a key addition to physical therapy to assist in recovery and prevent future injuries as well. It works to both stretch and strengthen muscles, helping to heal the injury you have/had as well promote muscles around it to support while in the healing process.


Are you an athlete?


We might be biased, but we believe yoga is one of the most beneficial add-ons for athletes. If you practice a sport regularly, chances are your body is used to move a certain way. Although it might get really good at moving that specific way, staying limber and dynamic is important to athletics. Add yoga in to help you stay on top of your mobility, balance, coordination, and flexibility.


Do you get stressed out? 


Yoga has been proven to promote relaxation and ease stress. It gives you the opportunity to focus on one thing, it forces you to occupy your mind in the present moment. I could go on or days about the impact of stress on your mind and your body. But instead. I’ll just focus on the mindfulness benefit of yoga, the improved mental clarity, and the proven studies of decreased feelings of anxiety and depression from yoga.  


Are you inflexible?


One of the biggest misconceptions of yoga is that you must be flexible to do it. WRONG. In fact, if you are inflexible, you could benefit from yoga more than anyone! Lack of flexibility can be a major barrier to mobility, and can lead to greater risk of injury. No matter where your beginning, yoga can help improve your flexibility and mobility at any stage in your life.

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