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Our History

Mavela was founded in 2020 to establish a brand of products built for performance while setting a new standard for corporate responsibility. From concept to delivery, products are brought to you with the utmost focus on ethics and sustainability, while working to be socially responsible in every way we know how. We only work with verified ethical manufacturers and use eco-friendly materials, including recycled fabrics. We take pride in our commitment to leaving the world a better place, which includes contributing 10% of our profits to non-profit organizations benefiting social and environmental causes.

Our Philosophy

Health is about more than how we look on the outside. It also stretches beyond fitness and nutrition. Mavela aims to inspire individuals to further their overall wellbeing in new ways, specifically in practice of movement and mindfulness. We believe in the powerful health practices of meditation and yoga, but want to bring you those benefits with little cost to both you and our planet's environmental health. Our mats are made with 100% natural rubber and free of toxic chemicals often found in traditional yoga mats. We also source our packing products with a commitment to recycled materials to ensure sustainability through delivery. As a wellness brand, we aim for our customers to feel confident that their purchase brings positive change in their life and others.


Our mission

Our mission is to empower customers to lead their lives with wellness. We work to inspire wellness, create habit change, ignite sustainable lifestyles, and provide guilt-free shopping. We envision a better world. One united community, rooted in holistic wellness, thriving on a healthy planet, where there is social justice for all.
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