Mental Health & Fatigue Guilt

Mental Health & Fatigue Guilt

If you are prone to anxiety or depression, fatigue can begin to blur the line of stability. If fatigue keeps you in bed all day, its easy to fall into a depressive state or begin to get anxiety about all of the things you didn’t do. It is a vicious cycle. So can we stop being so hard on ourselves and just recognize that our mind and our bodies do some crazy shit and gets a little out of hand sometimes? Can we acknowledge that we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, on a dying rock floating in space?

We deal with thousands of distractions, millions of decisions, and an unlimited supply of emotions each day. Stoping the cycle starts with showing yourself compassion. Recognize the weight that life puts on you, and allow yourself to feel your emotions. Don’t apologize for them, allow yourself to fall into them so that they don’t consume you, so that they don’t build up and explode. Go easy on yourself if you’re low in energy and motivation. Utilize that time simply to find gratitude for allowing yourself to be.

If you’re experiencing fatigue, before you start judging yourself, stop and follow these steps:


Reflect on how you are feeling. You might be feeling low, unmotivated, or just not at your best. That’s okay. Acknowledge that. Give yourself permission to feel whatever you are feeling. Then, think about what is going well in your life right now? Maybe something you are looking forward to? Find one thing to be grateful for, and write it down, tell someone, act on it. Reiterate that gratitude.

Set A Boundary For Yourself

Boundaries can be super hard to set. Whether it be in work, in relationships, time, space, anything. It often puts you in an uncomfortable position, but discomfort gives you an opportunity for growth. Have that difficult conversation and allow yourself to have healthy boundaries. If you’re experiencing fatigue from stress at work, take your PTO. If you’re tired from carrying a family household, talk to your partner or support system about finding some balanced give and take. This leads to stronger connections and happier humans.

Focus on Yourself

It’s okay to be selfish sometimes. Reflecting on things and setting boundaries can feel selfish, but in reality it is just a way of ensuring you are able to be your best self. Becoming your best self means those around you get to experience the best version of you. Fill your cup up, then spread love, gratitude, and positivity to others with the overflow.

So stop, show yourself compassion, allow yourself time to recover and to simply exist, then move forward as a better version of yourself.

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