Our Approach to Ethics and Sustainability

Our Approach to Ethics and Sustainability

We pride ourselves on our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, but what does that mean? Well, we laid it all out for you.


Recycled Fabrics


The amount of plastic in the ocean is gross - and it’s killing us. The contribution that fast fashion makes to that is also super disappointing. However, we exist to combat that. We use recycled fabrics as much as possible. These fabrics consist of recycled Econyl yarn, fishing plastic, fabric, fishing nets, and more out of the ocean and giving it new life. It is broken down and regenerated into nylon yarn.




Have you ever ordered products online and had them come with a gross amount of plastic, all individually wrapped? So have we, and we will never be that company. We use paper products whenever possible, and recycled plastic when need be. Our packing comes as basic as can be because ink makes it more difficult to recycle. Is that bright pink and floral subscription box super cute? Yes. Is it worth it? No, not to us. We think our products themselves are cute enough to hold up our boring, but super eco-friendly and 100% recycled shipping packaging.


Sustainable and Non-Toxic Materials


Yoga mats can be hit and miss when it comes to materials. Many common mats are harmful to the environment and can be toxic, during production and also during use. We avoid those materials altogether and opt for safe and sustainable materials instead. Read more about the different types of yoga mat materials in our previous blog.


Carbon Investments


Manufacturing and shipping leave us with a carbon footprint that has a negative impact on the environment, but we work to offset that impact with carbon investments.


Minimalistic Print Materials


We try to avoid printed materials whenever possible, but when we do we always use recycled paper. We will never murder trees by including 17 handouts in our shipped boxes, we will never contribute to the waste of mailed flyers, and we avoid traditional marketing as much as possible. Instead, we reply on our local customers and digital impact to help us find new bodies to bring to our mats.


Vetted Manufacturers


It’s no secret that overseas manufacturing can be unethical. MANY countries have horrific regulations that lead to improper pay, child labor, unsafe working conditions, and more. We spend time to vet our manufacturers to ensure safe working environments, ethical treatment, and reasonable pay, among other factors that prove to us they are a credible and ethical partner. Our partners also follow strict environmental impact protocols to ensure sustainable responsibility from concept to delivery.


Non-Profit Partners


Giving back and supporting a better world is crucial to us. We’ve partnered with three different organizations who align with our vision: Oceana, The Jed Foundation, and The High Five Foundation. If you’re interested in learning more about our partnerships or about these organizations, check out our about page.


We aim to be a company you want to support and produce products that you have been good about purchasing.


So, happy shopping!


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