Benefits Beyond the Scale

Benefits Beyond the Scale

Too often, people exercise because they are unhappy with their body image or want to a achieve a certain weight goal, but exercise has benefits so far beyond weight loss. Forget about the unrealistic body image and value our society puts on looks. Instead, think about you. Think about how YOU feel, without outside factors. Think about where it fits into your life and what you want to get out of it. Here are just a few key benefits of exercise beyond the scale: 


Improves Mood and Brain Health 

Exercise has been proven to be a huge factor in helping to combat anxiety and depression. Just a few minutes of exercise leads to the release of endorphins, regulation of hormones, better circulation and flow of oxygen to the brain, reduces inflammation, and helps to calm the body and the mind and lead to feelings of calm and relaxation afterwards! 


Builds Muscle and Strength

Building muscle doesn’t have to be about looking a certain way. Muscle helps increase bone density and decrease risk of chronic disease. Plus, muscle also keeps your metabolism working well!


Increases Energy Levels

Taking the first step is often the hardest part, but taking that step will the next ones easier. Exercise leads to an increase in energy levels and fights fatigue. Start small and work up as you begin to gain more energy!


Reduces Risk of Chronic Disease 

Exercise is medicine. Regular movement decreases risk of chronic disease by promoting heart health, helps reduce risk of diabetes, or helps improve symptoms by lowing blood sugar levels, and has even been linked to better outcomes in diagnoses of cancer, dementia, and coronavirus.


More exercise can quite literally give you more life. It is crucial to incorporate exercise and healthy habits into your daily life to achieve or maintain optimal health far beyond the scale. Find a way of moving your body that you love! You may not enjoy spending hours on the treadmill but love to play a few games of tennis each week, or maybe you enjoy long bike rides, or walks. Whatever you enjoy doing, get out there and move your body!





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