The Truth About Motivation

The Truth About Motivation

So, we are a few weeks into the new year now…and most people have probably already given up on their New Year’s Resolutions. At least, those who didn’t read our Reflection & Goal Setting blogs. So for those we might be talking to…let’s talk about motivation. 

Many of us look at others and think “wow, it must be nice to have that much motivation”, but don’t see what it took to get there. The truth is, motivation needs to be created. It’s not something that is going to find you, you have to put in the work to create it for yourself. 

First, determine the “why” behind whatever habit you hope to create, whatever goal you might have, any dream - why? Why is this your focus, what do you hope it will bring to your life? Use that vision, the one of you and your life with this success, as the initial motivation. 

Next, as Nike so simply puts it, just do it. Come up with a plan, and implement it. A plan that is reasonable for sustainable change, one that starts small and consistent. This is often the hardest part, just DOING it, before the motivation is really there. Because as soon as you get this to a consistent level, THAT is where the motivation bursts! The motivation to be able to truly SEE that vision for yourself. Results are starting to make way, and you’re feeling confident that you can really do this. Harness this! Grow, but more importantly, stay consistent. 

With that, anything is possible.

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