How To Practice Gratitude

How To Practice Gratitude

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s important to pause and recognize that November is the month to show gratitude! Let’s slow down and give thanks for everything we have this month. Actively showing gratitude can help better your attitude and happiness as well as the attitudes and happiness of those around you. Here are a few ways you can practice showing gratitude this month:

Say Thank You

Don’t forget to thank others! Thank them for their time, their effort, their friendship, or whatever they provide to your life. 

Pay It Forward 

Did something good happen for you? Pay it forward and help someone else out! This creates a chain of gratitude that can help better an entire community!

Gratitude Journal

Write down three different things a day that you are thankful for. This is a great act of self-reflection to recognize important people, items, or opportunities you are grateful for in your life! Try to come up with three new ideas to jot down each day. 

Pay A Compliment

Hand out a compliment and make someone’s day! Let them know what they mean to you and don’t hold back! If you have something positive to say, say it! 


As we get into the holiday season, there are so many opportunities to volunteer. We would love to help match you with a great organization to donate your time. 

Share Joys

Share in the joys of others! Celebrate, congratulate, and encourage others on life’s journey!


Reflecting on things you are grateful for can have a huge impact on your attitude and happiness! Take the time to reflect and show appreciation this month - and always!


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